Pinterest, for example, is very interesting to businesses

Our Pinterest Triptych hit Pinterest for Business this week. Pinterest can look very personal, but it’s very useful for organizations, whether commercial or not. You can still reach a large audience with it. Here’s how to get Pinterest to work:

Pinterest for business
In the Netherlands, millions of people are active on Pinterest, for example, to find wedding inspiration or get information on a particular topic. For example, if you’re a photographer or cook, it’s very wise to show yourself on Pinterest. However, Pinterest can also be very interesting for different types of businesses.
Very important for a Pinterest business account is that you put your website on it. In this way, people who access your profile through your pins can quickly go to places where you can find them professionally. Of course, it’s important to create a well-named plate that can be easily filled with a pen. At the same time, you need to do it the other way around. Make sure the images on your website are also very catchy. Therefore, it’s worth adding a little more to your site, like an image blog, to increase Pinterest’s fame.

Rich pen
Of course, it’s imperative that your photos look great on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great visual platform that spotlights your photos rather than any additional information that may be hidden behind the pins. Short videos are always popular, so consider videos as well as photos. You can also use a rich pen that links to your website and updates automatically. Next, you need to categorize them into products, recipes, or articles.
As with any social network, it’s important to work on your own. Pin relevant content for your business, reply to the person who commented under your pin, and reply to the pin of others. In particular, if you regularly return to Pinterest, activate your Pin, and respond to the set time, your brand will become more and more prominent. You can also advertise on Pinterest with promotional pens or available pens. The latter is a pen with a payment button so that people can buy the product immediately.

Lots of pens
However, it’s worth building a reputation on the platform first, rather than wasting money right away. This is a much more effective way than spending money, as it’s a more sustainable way to get attention on Pinterest. In particular, the frequency of publications and their content, in addition to their reaction to others, remains the basis of this social media. Some people say that sweat spots are 5 to 15 pins (!) A day, but this can be a very painstaking medium. The advantage is that the pins often wander on the platform for years, making them convenient on the go, even if they don’t help right away.
So start with a Pinterest business account (hint: you can also convert your personal account to a business account). As a business, Pinterest is used like people and other social networks, but Rich Pen is worth a look. Finally, try to use mostly portrait photos (preferably 2: 3). This is mainly because the photos are displayed on a portrait smartphone. It’s a good fix!

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