Leather kitchen apron

A leather kitchen apron is a must have if you love cooking and preparing food. It is a great addition for the cooking fanatics en grill masters. A leather apron protects you against the heat of the flames and will also protect you against any fat splashes.

The beautiful leather of the aprons is timeless and also very durable. With a collection consisting of 7 different leathers and more than 21 different colors, there must be an apron that suits you perfectly.

Xapron uses the best leather from Italy and all the products are made by hand by craftsman. The leather is treated in a traditional way and is carefully treated for by experienced craftsman.

You can even customize the aprons to make your own unique apron. You can add extra accessories to the apron such as an extra pocket. With an extra pocket you can easily store your kitchen gear or herbs and spices. So they are also within reach.  You can also add a bottle holder to your apron. This way you never have to look for your drink ever again, as it is right by your side.

If you really want to personalize your apron, then you can even laser your name or logo onto the apron. Cook and grill in style!

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